Barre-Fit Fusion

This fusion class focuses on Barre fundamentals and uses different props, such as barres, light weights, and balls. Barre-Fit Fusion is a great class for sculpting and toning the body, while improving muscular endurance, flexibility, and posture, while also reducing stress.

Classes begin with a warmup, followed by a mix of conditioning and Barre movements, and ends with some relaxing yoga stretches. The focus is on delivering a dynamic workout that is not only fun but physically versatile for all levels. No experience necessary. Learning these moves will help keep you agile and fit.

You know all those great combinations that just go so well together? Cheese and your favorite bottle of vino, peanut butter and jelly, beer and pizza (oh yes, I did!). Well, this hybrid workout is the fitness version of one of those great combinations.

If you’ve never tried Barre or Yoga, this is a great way to get a taste of both class styles helping you choose your favorite or keep on keeping on with this great fusion to experience all the benefits of both.

  • Barre-Fit Fusion class workout
  • Barre-Fit Fusion class for strength building, flexibility, balance, and mindfulness