Dance Fit

Dance Fit brings a dance party feel to your fitness. With high energy music and a talented instructor leading the way, you’ll have so much fun as you get sweaty and feel your heart rate rising as you melt away the calories.

Are you thinking, what if I’m not a good dancer? It’s easy for anyone to feel a little self-conscious when doing something new. One of the greatest benefits to group classes at SIN Fitness is the non-judgmental support you receive, and not intimidation. We’re all here to be uplifted by those around us while we improve our fitness and have a great time doing it. Many of us can be a little (or more than a little) uncoordinated at first, but the classes are easy to follow, and you’ll catch on soon!

What should I wear?

Sneakers, and cool, comfortable clothes

What should I bring?

A towel, a bottle of water, and a positive attitude!

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