Have you ever heard of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and immediately wanted to know more, or the complete opposite, wanted to run the other way? Either response makes perfect sense, because the name alone may sound exciting and intense, or just extremely intimidating. If you are considering taking a HIIT class, you may have some questions.

In general, HIIT classes involve bursts of high-intensity exercise with short periods of rest between.

Our HIIT classes start with a well-rounded warm up, and then move to a fast paced and intense workout leaving you completely exhausted after crushing your workout... or maybe it crushed you. And that’s okay, too.

HIIT classes are very intense as the name suggests. Each class can be very different than the one before depending on the instructor and/or focus for the day. You might be doing burpees for thirty seconds, rowing as fast as you can for another 30 seconds, high knees after that, and then taking a short rest before slamming a heavy medicine ball as hard as you can... or a thousand other variations.

Before you commit to taking a HIIT class, there are certain skills you should be sure to have. From squatting with good form, knowing how to swing a kettle bell, to doing burpees (of course there will be burpees, silly), and just knowing what to expect from the class; like how you’re going to feel. You don’t need to be a gym pro to jump into a HIIT class, but you’ll decrease your risk of injury and be better prepared if you do a little homework first. If you’ve never taken a HIIT class, we recommend checking with a SIN Fitness coach that knows you and your skill level to get the go-ahead beforehand.

This isn’t an all or nothing class. Meaning if you need to stop and take a break, you should take it. There’s no reason to risk injury or make yourself sick — that is NOT the goal! This is important with any class type, but especially with HIIT. HIIT workouts are designed to be very intense, so much that you physically are unable to maintain good form for too long. Take your rest seriously so you can maintain good form, even if that means taking a rest when others are still working… you won’t be the only one that needs to take an unscheduled rest along the way. Resting is also necessary to ensure that you’re able to put in a maximal amount of effort.

Everyone comes to class to push themselves to “their own” limits and beyond. Even though everyone is different than you, no one is better than you, they are just in a different place in their fitness journey. The only person you’re competing with is yourself, and maybe your friend if they’re there with you, and a little friendly competition between friends can be fun.

High-intensity interval training is supposed to challenge you like few other things can, and It’s called that for a reason. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. But if you do decide that it’s something you would like to try, just remember that HIIT was specifically designed to keep you out of breath. You’re not a ’weakling’ or ’less then’ anyone else for being out of breath: you’re doing HIIT! And just the fact that you’re there and pushing yourself as hard as ‘you’ can means that you’re just as awesome as everyone else in the room.

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