Punch n’ Crunch

Punch n’ Crunch is a 60-minute group cardio kickboxing class with a big emphasis on core strengthening exercises. This is a noncontact workout with pumping music to keep you energized and having fun while scorching those calories.

With Punch n’ Crunch you will use every muscle group in your body giving you an amazing full-body workout. You’ll be able to build muscle, improve conditioning, stamina, and flexibility all while burning a ton of calories with the challenging, but fun workout.

While you’re kicking and punching into the air, you can easily burn over 400 calories with this fast-paced, high-energy workout. And don’t worry, you don’t need to have any experience with boxing or martial arts to enjoy the benefits of this class. Punch n’ Crunch is great for the beginner and more advanced athletes, too, and all are welcome.

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