SIN-FIT Bootcamp

Our Small Group Bootcamps are designed using the best methods and exercises, so you burn fat, build strength, and improve your endurance, helping you to feel more alive and confident. You will learn from our supportive coaches who will motivate you, not scream at you.

Our SIN-Fit Bootcamp classes are 60-minutes long and are challenging, very rewarding, and anyone can do them, even if you are new to fitness. Every workout can be modified whenever needed, and not in a way that will make you feel like you are sticking out. Almost everyone needs a modification here or there and no one thinks twice about it, so you shouldn’t either. Everyone fits in and no one sticks out!

If you are new to boot camp workouts (or fitness), we will start you with our Bootcamp Basics class to teach you the fundamentals while getting the experience you need. Once you learn the basics, you can jump into SIN-Fit Bootcamp where you will be lifting, squatting, and slamming with confidence. No need to be shy or nervous if you think “boot camp” sounds too hard or scary. Our amazing coaches will progressively adapt each movement for you. And if boot camp is not for you, don’t worry! We have plenty of class options in addition to the best bootcamp classes around.

Our SIN-Fit Bootcamp classes are always evolving so you will not get bored and will always learn something new. Fat loss, increased strength, and improved energy are just a few things to expect from our Bootcamps. Come enjoy the awesome music and amazing people that are there to help push you just as much as they hope to be pushed by you. We are a team, and we motivate each other to be our best.

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