Meet the Team

Jamie McCue - ACE CPT / Co-Owner of SINFIT

Jamie McCue

ACE CPT / Co-Owner

Jamie is a graduate of Central Connecticut University. She has always been interested in health and fitness having been a three sport athlete while in high school.

She attended the National Personal Training Institute and received her diploma in personal training and nutrition. She was then certified by International Sports Science Association, and went on to get certified in group training and as a boot camp instructor by the American Sports and Fitness Association.

Ryan Kolej - N.A.S.M. CPT - FNS / Co-Owner of SINFIT

Ryan Kolej

N.A.S.M. CPT - FNS / Co-Owner

“Before my early twenties no part of my life involved anything health or fitness related, but I had a turning point. Fitness changed my life, probably saved it, and I wanted to help others change theirs by reaching their own goals while showing them what they’re capable of. Twenty years later I’m serving others, helping them, doing what I love. Nothing could be better.”

Ryan is a Nutritionist, N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist, owner of BYOB-Fit and creator of Eating Easy. He started his career in fitness more than a decade ago fueled by the positive impact fitness had on his life.

Emily Bryers

N.A.S.M. CPT / Coach

“I’ve always loved working out, being part of a team, and surrounding myself with a community of positive encouraging people. Becoming a coach at SIN Fitness felt like such a natural next step.

“I received my N.A.S.M. CPT certification and have enjoyed encouraging members to “get out of their comfort zone” in every class I have taught since.

“I’m inspired daily by the members of this gym. They all have their own journeys and I’m so blessed to be a part of it.”

Alisha Sanzone

N.A.S.M. CPT / Coach

Alisha’s life centers around helping people improve the quality of their life through nutrition and physical activity. She recognizes and appreciates the power of daily lifestyle habits in maximizing one’s health.

She achieved a masters degree in nutrition and is a registered dietitian that specializing in obesity and weight management. She is a N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer.

Eric Dietsch

N.A.S.M. CPT / Coach

Eric received his degree in Physical Education from CCSU, and when not at SIN Fitness, he is teaching middle school Health and P.E.

Eric played competitive sports his whole life and coached soccer and high school basketball, too.

Like most of our coaches, Eric was first a member at SIN Fitness before deciding to further his education by pursuing his Personal Training Certificate through N.A.S.M.

Pat Welch


“It’s fun to introduce kickboxing to people who’ve never tried it.” Pat trained to teach kickboxing at the same studio where she learned almost 10 years ago.

“I was losing weight, getting toned, and best of all, feeling more mentally focused.”

Eventually, Pat found SIN Fitness and took her first Kick-Fit class. “It was outstanding. The facility was clean, the vibe was energetic. Hope to see you there!”

Kaylee Daniele


Kaylee started at SIN Fitness as a member who fell in love with what SIN Fitness represented: growth, positivity, and togetherness.

Kaylee loved watching people reach their goals and eventually decided she wanted to be a part of other’s fitness journeys, helping them reach their goals instead of only watching. Having a foundation of fitness with her background in competitive sports, she started her own journey to become a coach at SIN Fitness.

Since Kaylee has started, she has encouraged others to step out of their comfort zone and push themselves to new heights.

“I strongly believe that through exercise we not only strengthen our muscles but our minds as well. I have watched people come in on their worst days and after taking a class they thank me for helping turn their day around; that is the biggest reward for me as a coach.

Clare Henry


Clare has always lived an active lifestyle and loves being able to combine her passion for martial arts with teaching others to have fun while being a badass on the heavy bag!

She jokingly recalls “tolerating dance for 6 years until she finally talked her parents into trying martial arts”. She studied Goju Ryu karate for 10 years until going away to college where she played volleyball and learned the ins and outs of strength and conditioning.

Clare went on to graduate school to become a physical therapist and now works with a sports medicine population. Clare has received many additional certifications in Sportsmetrics, Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 1 & 2, Blood Flow Restriction Training, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment.

“I have made ‘movement’ my life and I have no regrets.”

Susan Hope - Yoga Instructor

Susan Hope

Yoga Instructor

Sue started with SIN Fitness in May of 2016. She is a graduate of The Hartt School, at the University of Hartford with Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.

With over 20 years of dance training, she gravitated towards Yoga and has been practicing for over 15 years. Sue enjoyed the benefits so much that she wanted to share it with her own personal flare, and eventually became certified to teach.

Sue’s class comes in a wide range from Gentle to a heated Vinyasa Flow.

Rob Arpin - Barre Instructor

Rob Arpin

Barre Instructor

Rob is a Certified Barre Instructor and has been instructing at gyms and yoga studios across central CT for many years. Rob is also an avid yogi and aspiring surfer.

By day, Rob is a kindergarten teacher and prioritizes the integration of mindfulness, movement, and yoga into his daily classroom routines.

Rob believes strongly in the Barre format as a way for clients to improve strength, coordination, and flexibility and he is excited to offer Barre to SIN Fitness!

Nicole Bacon - Coach

Nicole Bacon


Nicole completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at Springfield College. She became a Licensed Physical Therapist and eventually a stay-at-home mom to her daughters, Avery and Harper.

Having been an active member of SIN Fitness since joining in November 2017, Nicole has always participated in everything SIN Fitness had to offer and loves the friendships and motivation that this gym has provided.

Nicole decided to combine the great foundation of being a Physical Therapist with furthering her education to obtain an N.A.S.M. Group Fitness Instructor certification to join the SIN Fitness team.