Waitlist Etiquette

To ensure the best member experience for all, we have a cancellation policy in place that includes fees for late cancellations & no-shows. This policy is enforced to deter problematic booking practices and will make it easier for all members to book a spot into their preferred class.


Late Cancellation Window

Classes must be canceled at least 4 hours before the start of class..

Cancelation Fees

The fee for late cancellations (canceling outside the cancellation window) and no-shows (not showing up to a booked class) is $10/class. If there should be a (reasonable, and not recurring) sudden emergency within our cancellation window, please contact us directly.

These charges are processed automatically on the day of the incident. As soon as you know you can’t make it to class, please cancel your booking via the SIN Fitness App, or online.

SIN Fitness Booking Tips & Hacks

  • If you are still on a waitlist for an early morning class when you go to bed, make sure that you truly plan to attend the class should you get in. Wake up with enough time to check to see if you were added to the class, because it would be too late to ‘early cancel’ at that point.

  • The BEST time to check for an opening in a previously fully booked class is 4 hours before the class starts. At that point, the waitlist is LOCKED, and no one will be added automatically, and anyone who had a change of plans should have canceled by that time as well.

  • Once a waitlist is LOCKED (4 hours before the start of the class), you will no longer get added automatically. So, you can keep checking right up until the class time to see if something opens.

  • Please do not “hold” spots: Only book into the class you really want to be in. If you’re on a waitlist for a class, and you’re already booked into another class, you must remember to remove yourself from one of the classes 4 hours before it starts, or you will be charged a fee for either the late cancellation or no-show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scenario 1: “Why are we being charged for late cancellations and no shows when we already pay a monthly membership fee?”

These fees are designed to encourage thoughtful booking practices so that all members can get into a class when they want. We’ve done our homework, and these fees are very common in most group fitness gyms, only many other gyms charge $20, not $10. This is a fair and effective way to deter problematic booking practices.

Scenario 2: “My son shoved a popsicle stick all the way into his sisters’ ear, and I had to take her to the hospital. Will I get charged for missing my class?”

No. Should there be a sudden emergency within our cancellation window, please contact us directly.

Scenario 3: “I was charged a fee, but I was told the fee would be forgiven because I had an emergency. When will I see my refund?”

Because fees are billed automatically when a late cancellation or no-show occurs, we will issue a $10 credit to your account once you notify us of your emergency. Your credit will automatically be applied to your following month’s membership fee unless you use it for purchases first. We do this to avoid paying credit card processing fees twice on the same $10.

Scenario 4: “It seems I have ‘sudden emergencies’ quite a bit, is that going to be a problem?”

We are very understanding, but we do reserve the right not to refund fees if a member’s ‘sudden emergencies’ are unreasonable or become habitual.

Scenario 5: “I am on the waitlist for the 8:15 am Bootcamp and I have a spot booked in the 7 am Bootcamp class. If I get into the 8:15 am class that morning and wish to cancel the 7 am, will I be charged?”

Yes. Please think of a waitlist as standing in a line at the grocery store, you cannot stand in 2 lines.

Scenario 6: “I am on the waitlist for the 9 am class, which is my first choice, but to make sure I get a workout in, I booked the 10 am class, too. If I get into the 9 am class, I will cancel my spot in the 10 am class, will I be charged?”

It depends on when you cancel. If you cancel outside of the 4-hour cancellation window you will not be charged, but if it is within the 4-hour window, you will. You cannot manage your risk by stopping others from getting their spot. This creates a “fake waitlist”. Once you’re in a class, that should be the class you plan to attend, unless something more desirable opens prior to the 4-hour cancellation window closing. Then you could cancel that class without a fee and book into the other class.

Scenario 7: “I was booked for the 9:30am Bootcamp, but I woke up early and wanted to come in sooner, and there was space at 8:15am so I booked that and late canceled my 9:30 am spot, will I be charged?”

Yes, because technically it’s no different from the scenario above. You should still late cancel yourself though to help someone else get into that class.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

—Your Team at SIN Fitness