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Our Kickboxing Classes Are The Best Workout in Berlin!

If you're tired of the same boring gym routine, our kickboxing classes at SIN Fitness can help you get the workout you deserve in a fun, high-energy setting!

As part of our commitment to our Berlin community, we're bringing accessible fitness and martial arts classes to anyone who wants to get real results. Kickboxing is a great way to get your heart rate up and lose weight while simultaneously building lean muscle and learning the fundamentals of self-defense... and you'll connect with new friends from all over Berlin while you train!

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Kickboxing Will Get You REAL Results!

No matter whether it's your first time stepping into the gym or if you're a veteran of hundreds of fitness classes, our kickboxing program at SIN Fitness will give you the workout you need to get the results you want. We're helping ordinary people from all over Berlin work towards that slim, chiseled look.

Kickboxing classes offer a host of benefits, from helping you lose weight to offering reduced stress and getting you boosted energy levels in your everyday life. Get started with your training and see for yourself the big impact that kickboxing classes can have on your life!

Beginner Kick-Fit

Beginner Kick-Fit is a 45-minute Kickboxing class that provides an overall review of Kickboxing basics. This is a great place to start if your brand new to Kickboxing and don’t quite feel ready for our Kick-Fit class. This class provides an opportunity to learn the strikes and skills that you will use in a Kick-Fit class.

Quick Hits

Quick Hits is a one-hour class that will sharpen your skills, improve your technique, speed, and power while focusing on the elements of punching and kicking used in our regular Kick Fit classes.

Each class begins with a warmup and a review of specific ‘strikes of the day’, followed by sweaty drills on and off the bag that use those same strikes. Each class has a slightly different format than the class before, and members are always encouraged to make requests for which skills to focus on.

Kick-Fit Kickboxing

Kick-Fit Kickboxing is perfect for anyone looking to increase strength, burn fat, boost endurance, or just needs to work off some stress and frustration. And don’t let the misconceptions of fitness kickboxing classes intimidate you, beginners are always welcomed with open arms at SIN Fitness. You may even be surprised to learn that most of our members didn’t have any prior kickboxing experience. Before you even take your first class, we’ll review the moves and go over exactly what to expect, it’s not intimidating and so easy to jump right in!

You’ll enjoy a 45-minute full body workout with our fitness kickboxing class. We start with a fun but challenging warm-up, then using gloves and heavy bags we take you through 6 rounds of combinations that include kickboxing techniques, fat-blasting interval training, and muscle-defining strength exercises, all followed by a short finisher. Get ready for ridiculously fun classes with awesome music and lots of guidance from our team of amazing and engaged coaches.

Kick-Fit Plus

We level up our already fun and challenging Kick-Fit class by adding an additional 15 sweaty-minutes with more rounds, and more advanced moves. This 60-minute kickboxing class is perfect for anyone looking to increase strength, burn fat, boost endurance, or just wants to work out some stress and frustration by hitting things (because apparently hitting people is frowned upon).

Punch n' Crunch
Punch n’ Crunch combines easy-to-follow Mixed Martial Arts movements and core training to create a total body workout.

Unlike our Kick-Fit program, Punch n’ Crunch practices non-bag contact with little to no equipment. You won’t know it, but you’ll complete about 1,500 crunches during this 60-minute class. Say whaaaaat?!

Punch n’ Crunch leverages amazing music, so it almost feels like you’re dancing while kicking and punching. This class is a fast-paced cardio fusion but has many high and low modifications for all fitness-fighters!

Begin Your Journey at SIN Fitness Today!

If you're tired of hitting the gym solo and struggling to get results, our kickboxing classes will help you cut through the noise and get a workout that works as hard as you do. Get the motivation and accountability that comes with working out alongside other dedicated people from across Berlin and start seeing the results you crave!

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