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Bootcamp Basics classesBootcamp Basics classes

Bootcamp Basics

Bootcamp Basics is the perfect class for anyone that wants to learn how to do the exercises found in our SIN-Fit Bootcamp class, but prefers to go at a slower pace, and with extra attention from the coach.

Bootcamp Basics is a 60-minute class, and it will help you build your strength and confidence giving you the experience you need to comfortably move on to our regular Bootcamp.

SIN-FIT Bootcamp classesSIN-FIT Bootcamp classes

SIN-FIT Bootcamp

SIN-Fit Bootcamp is perfect for getting into shape, getting stronger, and burning fat!

Our 60-minute SIN-Fit Bootcamp is our flagship boot camp class and is a total body workout! We combine strength and core training with cardio to hit every area of the body while also enjoying all the metabolic and mood boosting benefits.

Bootcamp Blast classesBootcamp Blast classes

Bootcamp Blast

Bootcamp Blast is a 45-minute version of our SIN-Fit Bootcamp, and with the same intensity.

If you love our SIN-Fit Bootcamp but need to get in and out a bit faster, then this is a great boot camp class for you. Because of the shorter class time the format has been modified to exclude some of the more time-consuming strength-focused lifts, but don’t worry, we keep your full body engaged to increase strength and muscle tone, while crushing the calories to help burn more fat.

Beginner Kick-Fit classesBeginner Kick-Fit classes

Beginner Kick-Fit

Beginner Kick-Fit is a 45-minute Kickboxing class that provides an overall review of Kickboxing basics.

This is a great place to start if your brand new to Kickboxing and don’t quite feel ready for our Kick-Fit class.

Quick Hits classesQuick Hits classes

Quick Hits

Quick Hits is a one-hour class that will sharpen your skills, improve your technique, speed, and power while focusing on the elements of punching and kicking used in our regular Kick-Fit classes.

Kick-Fit Kickboxing classesKick-Fit Kickboxing classes

Kick-Fit Kickboxing

Kick-Fit Kickboxing is a 45-minute class that is perfect for anyone looking to increase strength, burn fat, boost endurance, or just wants to work out some stress and frustration by hitting things (because apparently hitting people is frowned upon).

Kick-Fit Kickboxing utilizes gloves and heavy bags to combine martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio, challenging the beginner and elite athlete alike - all while listening to heart pounding music.

Kickboxing Special!

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Kick-Fit Plus classesKick-Fit Plus classes

Kick-Fit Plus

If you already love Kickboxing but want an added challenge, then Kick-Fit Plus is the class for you.

We level up our already fun and challenging Kick-Fit class by adding an additional 15 sweaty-minutes with more rounds, and more advanced moves. This 60-minute kickboxing class is perfect for anyone looking to increase strength, burn fat, boost endurance, or just wants to work out some stress and frustration by hitting things (because apparently hitting people is frowned upon).

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classesHIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes


HIIT-Fit is perfect for those who want a tough, fat-burning workout in less time.

“High Intensity Interval Training” boils down to burning crazy amounts of calories by alternating between kicking your butt and letting you rest. These HIIT workouts build cardiovascular fitness while improving strength, building lean muscle, and maximizing calorie burn.

Our 45-minute HIIT classes are great for intermediate to advanced fitness fanatics, runners, and athletes too, by improving overall endurance, strength, and explosiveness, all while torching a ton of fat!

Arms Blast classesArms Blast classes

Arms Blast

Take a break from your regular routine to give your biceps, triceps, and shoulders a 45-minute blast of extra attention.

After you’ve finished blasting those arms, you will get the benefits of an awesome core finisher, too.

Triple-A (Abs, Arms, and... ‘Butts’) classesTriple-A (Abs, Arms, and... ‘Butts’) classes

Triple A-Fit

Triple A” stands for Abs, Arms, and... ‘Butts’.

Triple A-Fit is a toning and strengthening class focused on specific areas of improvement instead of a full body workout or high intensity cardio. Feel the burn and have fun as you tighten those problem areas while burning lots of calories, too.

Booty Camp classesBooty Camp classes

Booty Camp

Booty Camp is designed to burn fat, tone, and shape your legs and backside, while engaging the core muscles (abs, lower back, obliques), as well.

This class will burn lots of calories, accelerate your metabolism, and burn tons of fat. You will feel tighter and more toned, increase balance and stability throughout your whole body.

Core and More classesCore and More classes

Core and More

Core and More is an all-levels 45-minute class that focuses on strengthening your core, improving your balance, all while getting in great full body workout. This class will challenge more than just your core and each class will end with a cardio burst finisher to boost your metabolism!

Core and More is core training at its best, with the emphasis on balance and building a bulletproof core (not literally, so don’t try it at home).

Rowing Basics classesRowing Basics classes

Rowing Basics

Are you new to rowing, looking to shave time off your 500m row, or just looking to become more efficient while rowing?

Welcome to Rowing Basics! Rowing seems simple (and in some ways it is), but there are many technical aspects to your form and timing that make rowing so unique and such a great workout. Rowing Basics will give you a complete breakdown of how to use an ergometer (aka the rowing machine), and you will learn how to read and interpret the numbers on the monitor.

Rock n’ Row classesRock n’ Row classes

Rock n’ Row

Boost your endurance and build more strength all in one 60-minute workout. With the challenging combination of interval training on an indoor rower and strength training, you will get the most out of your Rock n’ Row workout.

Punch n’ Crunch classesPunch n’ Crunch classes

Punch n’ Crunch

Punch n’ Crunch combines easy-to-follow Mixed Martial Arts movements and core training to create a total body workout.

Unlike our Kick-Fit program, Punch n’ Crunch practices non-bag contact with little to no equipment. You won’t know it, but you’ll complete about 1,500 crunches during this 60-minute class. Say whaaaaat?!

Punch n’ Crunch leverages amazing music, so it almost feels like you’re dancing while kicking and punching. This class is a fast-paced cardio fusion but has many high and low modifications for all fitness-fighters!

Kid-Fit classesKid-Fit classes


What’s better than improving your child’s strength, coordination, and self-confidence all while burning off lots of energy and laying the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle? Not much!

At SIN Fitness we will introduce your kids to basic kickboxing, core work, yoga, circuit training, and tumbling. All our classes provide a safe and fun environment in which every child is welcome, no matter his/her fitness level.

Vinyasa Flow, Power and Restorative Yoga classesVinyasa Flow, Power and Restorative Yoga classes


Yoga is perfect for anyone who wants to work on flexibility, strengthening, breathing, peace of mind and injury prevention.

Yoga strengthens muscles, improves joint flexibility, and enhances balance, coordination, and posture through a series of diverse poses. We have many styles of yoga to choose from, and all classes range from 45-60 minutes. Don’t forget your yoga mat and water bottle! If you sweat a lot, you may want to bring a towel, too.

Dance Fit classesDance Fit classes

Dance Fit

Dance Fit brings a dance party feel to your fitness. With high energy music and a talented instructor leading the way, you’ll have so much fun as you get sweaty and feel your heart rate rising as you melt away the calories.

Improve your fitness and have a great time doing it.

Barre classesBarre classes


Barre Fitness is a hybrid workout class - combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and strength training.

We incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches. Barre also focuses on high repetitions of small range movements to help build strength, improve balance, agility, and flexibility.

Barre-Fit Fusion classesBarre-Fit Fusion classes

Barre-Fit Fusion

Barre-Fit Fusion class focuses on Barre fundamentals and uses different props, such as barres, light weights, and balls. This is a great class for sculpting and toning the body, while improving muscular endurance, flexibility, and posture, while also reducing stress.

Classes begin with a warmup, followed by a mix of conditioning and Barre movements, and ends with some relaxing yoga stretches. The focus is on delivering a dynamic workout that is not only fun but physically versatile for all levels. No experience necessary. Learning these moves will help keep you agile and fit.