Core and More

The core is the connection between the upper and lower body. Our core muscle groups include some lower and upper back muscles, the abdominals (of course), pelvic floor muscles, hip flexors, diaphragm, and the glutes. Think of all your core muscles like little airbags surrounding your spine, and when they’re strong and functioning well, they inflate, pressing against and protecting the spine while providing stability.

Core and More is designed to help you build a strong, solid core and body, which is great for back health, posture, balance, and will improve your performance while helping to prevent injuries.

More and more people are starting to understand that the core is more than the way to a “six pack”, or flatter tummy. A strong body and core will help you perform day to day activities without injury or the need to ask the person next to you to open a jar (after you loosened it of course).

All the moves in Core and More can be progressed or regressed based on individuals’ abilities or limitations, so it’s challenging but achievable wherever your current fitness level is.

  • Core & More class for a strong, solid core
  • Core & More work out
  • Core & More cables work out
  • Core & More class workout
  • Core & More class