Kick-Fit Kickboxing

Our Kick-Fit Kickboxing classes are kickboxing-inspired group workouts where you will punch, kick, knee, and elbow your way into a fit healthy body! We believe exercise should be challenging enough to produce big results and fun enough to keep you coming back for more.

Kick-Fit Kickboxing is perfect for anyone looking to increase strength, burn fat, boost endurance, or just needs to work off some stress and frustration. And don’t let the misconceptions of fitness kickboxing classes intimidate you, beginners are always welcomed with open arms at SIN Fitness. You may even be surprised to learn that most of our members didn’t have any prior kickboxing experience. Before you even take your first class, we’ll review the moves and go over exactly what to expect, it’s not intimidating and so easy to jump right in!

You’ll enjoy a 45-minute full body workout with our fitness kickboxing class. We start with a fun but challenging warm-up, then using gloves and heavy bags we take you through 6 rounds of combinations that include kickboxing techniques, fat-blasting interval training, and muscle-defining strength exercises, all followed by a short finisher. Get ready for ridiculously fun classes with awesome music and lots of guidance from our team of amazing and engaged coaches.

After just one class, you’ll experience firsthand why fitness kickboxing is such a hit! Fitness kickboxing helps with weight loss as well as increased self-confidence. You’ll leave feeling healthy, strong and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.

Our Kick-Fit Kickboxing classes are perfectly suited for weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, toning, agility, coordination, and balance. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or looking to change up your daily workout routine, don’t postpone being the best version of yourself any longer.

Become the best version of you now!

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