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April 2022 Member of the Month Shanna DeSantos

April 2022 Member of the Month - Shanna DeSantosMember of the Month for April is Shanna DeSantos.

Shanna has been coming to SIN Fitness for about 2.5 years. She takes a wide variety of classes, comes ready to work, and is very coachable. Since starting at SIN Shanna has improved her form, speed, and strength.

She also has become very active in the SIN Fit Family, participating in events, challenges, Team Comps and Fight Night. Not only did she participate in our first Fight Night, she won the heavyweight division!! We are so proud of her and all her progress. Keep killing it!


How long have you been coming to Strength in Numbers?
I started coming to SIN Fitness in September 2019.

Do you remember your first workout?
Yes, my first class was Kick-Fit with Kaylee.

How would you describe you lifestyle before Strength in Numbers? How would you describe it now?
Before SIN Fitness I would take Zumba classes 3 times a week, take a walk or bike ride if schedules allowed, and kept busy with work and my kids. I was lucky if I got many steps in each day because my job is extremely sedentary. I didn’t really make myself a priority on a daily basis.

Now, I can happily say that even though my life is still crazy busy, I do take the time to make myself a priority. I have changed my routine from working out 3 days a week to 5-6 days each week. I now find that taking a rest day can be challenging because I always look forward to coming to SIN to get my “me” time.

If you could design your perfect workout what would it be?
I love both bootcamp style and kickboxing workouts. My perfect bootcamp workout would include a tabata style circuit; filled with weights, rower or bike, and body weight floor and ab exercises. For kickboxing, I would say involving the hand mitts, kick pads, and any agility style exercises to mix it up would be perfect.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting at SIN Fitness?
I would say absolutely do it! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain in so many ways.

I have lived in Berlin for 20 years, and never really felt part of the town or community until I started coming here. I bought a Groupon to SIN on a whim as a little birthday present to myself, because one of my friends is a member, and I’m so glad I did. I have overcome so many limitations that I didn’t even know that I put on myself.

The coaches are so awesome, supportive, encouraging, and extremely creative in coming up with challenging workouts. The members are also super supportive, encouraging, and willing to go beyond their own workout to help others finish theirs.

I also love that the owners make it a point to give back to support the community and charities near and dear to members’ hearts. It truly is Strength In Numbers, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.


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