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CIFC: CCMC Craniofacial Special Purpose Fund

Bryce JohnsonThe August/September Check-in for Charity will support the CCMC Craniofacial Special Purpose Fund, which helps purchase items not covered by the regular Craniofacial Department budget.

Our support of this fund will help cleft babies like Bryce have access to the special medical equipment and resources needed to grow big and strong for surgery!

Bryce Johnson was born with a cleft lip and submucous cleft palate that was undetected by ultrasound during pregnancy. Children with cleft lip/palate face challenges with feeding, speaking clearly, an increased risk for ear infections, and are more susceptible to hearing and dental issues. Bryce underwent his first lip repair surgery in September of 2017 at only 6 months of age and will undergo numerous surgeries in his lifetime.

The CDC estimates that about 4,440 babies are born with a cleft lip each year in the United States. A cleft lip occurs if the tissue that makes up the lip does not join completely before birth, which results in an opening in the upper lip. A submucous cleft palate (SMCP) occurs when the roof of the mouth, or palate, doesn’t form properly when a baby is developing in the womb. The cleft is an opening underneath the mucous membrane, which is the tissue that covers the palate.


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Saturday, June 25, 2022