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CIFC: For Goodness Sake

For Goodness SakeOur May/June, 2021 Check in for Charity supported For Goodness Sake.

For the months of May and June, SIN Fitness had 805 check-ins and will be donating $403 to For Goodness Sake! You make a difference just by checking-in! Thank you!

For Goodness Sake is an organization that makes homes for the formerly homeless. Founded in 2013, this group partners with agencies and community providers to help people in Central Connecticut who are making the transition to independent living and are in need due to certain life situations. Every weekend, volunteers come together to provide beds, furniture and household goods to families that have nothing.

Their mission is to restore dignity and independence to people struggling with homelessness, poverty, and other severe life challenges by providing them with the furniture and basic household goods they need to make their house into a home. They help individuals and families who are moving into their own place after living on the streets, those escaping domestic violence, individuals getting back on their feet after a personal crisis such as a job loss or addiction.

They also help the homeless and those without support for a variety of other reasons. For Goodness Sake understands, above all, that they are our neighbors here in Connecticut, working to regain a sense of normalcy. Having a place to call home is the first step.


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