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CIFC: Hearts Healed by Horses

Hearts Healed By HorsesOur January/February, 2021 Check in for Charity will support Hearts Healed by Horses.

Hearts Healed by Horses is program that provides free lessons for individuals that are suffering from a significant loss in their life. Located in Durham CT, this program is run by Amber Haglund who uses her own horses and donates all her time. The kids meet once a week to ride, and a licensed counselor is available for additional support.

The program started when Amber's good friend passed away from cancer at the young age of 43, and she wanted to provide support for her children.

Amber provides these children with something very special at a time when they truly need a source of positivity, Amber even uses her own money to provide a pizza party for the kids and their families each month.

The program is growing, and so is the need for resources and outside assistance.


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Monday, June 27, 2022