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Coronavirus: Is it Safe to Go to the Gym?

Coronavirus: Is it Safe to Go to the Gym?For many people going to the gym is part their daily routine. So, what happens when that routine becomes a new concern? Let’s break down these concerns and educate ourselves on how to be cautious and safe when getting our workouts in during times like these.

One of the largest concerns is the spread of the coronavirus while exercising.

To better explain this, we have taken information from Dr. Norman Swan. Dr Swan combines his medical expertise with investigative reporting.

“While there is no evidence of coronavirus being spread through sweat, transmission can occur if someone with the virus coughs or sneezes onto their hands and then touches surfaces, such as gym equipment.”

What do you do after knowing this?
  • Start by wiping down equipment before and after using it. All gyms have either sanitary wipes or sanitary spray… use it!
  • Use those same gym wipes or sprays to clean your area when you are done. This is most important for when you sweat and drip on the floor.
  • Wash your hands after your workout is over. Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth during your workout. If you need to wipe sweat, use a towel and wash your hands afterwards.
  • Wash your water bottle! Some people will just keep refilling their bottle and only wash it every so often. During times like these you should be washing it after every workout when you get home.
  • If you are sick or someone you have been in contact with is sick (fever, dry cough, tiredness) …STAY HOME! I know you want to get your workout in, but you need to also think about those around you. Do a workout at home if you still want to exercise.

If you have been following coronavirus news (which we know almost everyone has been), you know the situation can change quickly. While there's no current evidence that the gym is unsafe for most people, you should take precautions if there is a coronavirus outbreak in your community. For now, follow these helpful steps and trust that your gym is doing their best to keep everything as clean as possible.


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Saturday, June 25, 2022