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February 2020 Member of the Month Brittany Mills

February 2020 Member of the Month - Brittany MillsOur February Member of the Month goes to Brittany Mills!

❤️ February Member of the Month goes to Brittany Mills!! Brittany is a very active and devoted S.I.N. member. She is always the first person signed up for events like After Darks, Team Comps, and Challenges (just to name a few) and always shares her enthusiasm with everyone around her!

Brittany has also recently come back from an injury and we have watched her recover and push harder each and every class. She continues to modify less and go heavier in her weights over time and we are so happy to see her determination to come back stronger than ever. 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🔥🔥

How long have you been coming to Strength in Numbers?
I have been coming to SIN since October of 2017! Sadly I had to take a 5.5 month break (but who was counting?) because I got shoulder surgery, but I came back as soon as I was cleared even though I still wasn’t able to use my right arm/shoulder much! I couldn’t wait to come back and all the coaches were so helpful with giving me modifications!

Do you remember your first workout?
Yes! It was a kickboxing class and Lish was the coach. I had never done kickboxing before but Lish was so great about showing me all of the different movements and her amazing energy made me immediately fall in love with SINning. I came back the next few days and at my first Saturday boot camp class, everyone knew that I was a new member and came up to me and introduced themselves! I was so amazed by how incredibly friendly and welcoming everyone was!

How would you describe your lifestyle before Strength in Numbers? How would you describe it now?
Before SIN, I had been working out regularly in classes and did personal training but I noticed that I wasn’t being challenged enough and that they were a bit repetitive so I wasn’t seeing results. Now, I am constantly challenged and am always trying to push harder to beat my previous scores and keep up with all of the strongest members! I have noticed so many changes in my body, strength and endurance. I really enjoy all of the workouts and I look forward to hitting the gym every day. It helps me de-stress and keeps my mind healthy. On my rest days I have serious gym FOMO!

If you could design your perfect workout what would it be?
It would be one of Clare’s 9 rounds classes! It would include some fun and complex bag combos, jump kicks, tag, call out rounds, circuits/stations with handbags, bosu bag work, ladder, bag shuffling and the ring of fire. And of course the deadbug exercise ball team finisher. 😊

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting at Strength in Numbers?
Do it! I have been to a few other gyms but there are none quite like SIN! SIN has such an encouraging and welcoming environment. I have made some amazing friends through SIN and it truly is such an amazing community! The workouts are not just physically challenging but also mentally challenging, so the sense of accomplishment you feel after each class is incredible!


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