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February 2021 Member of the Month Laura Westman

February 2021 Member of the Month Laura WestmanSIN’s February Member of the Month is Laura Westman.

Laura has made a complete transformation. She immediately fell in love with Kick-Fit and became a regular on the bags while making a solid group of friends for support. She has consistent attendance in Bootcamp Basics and has always given her best. The strength and confidence she has gained in Bootcamp Basics has leveled up her Kick-Fit game with even harder hits than before. Laura stepped even further from her comfort zone and has challenged herself to yoga!

Laura has pushed so far from her comfort zone. She’s not only lost weight, but has gained confidence, power, balance, and endurance, all through strong perseverance. She is the kindest person in class, is a great partner, and always cheers for others. Congratulations Laura! We are so proud of you!! 🥊🥊🏋🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️💪🏻❤️❤️

How long have you been coming to SIN Fitness?
I took my first class in August of 2019. My friend, Kristen Long, had been trying to convince me to go for a couple of weeks and I finally decided to give it a try.

Do you remember your first workout?
My first workout was a Kick Fit class with Kaylee. I was really nervous, and Kaylee was so welcoming and patient. I didn’t think I would make it through the class, but Kristen’s and Kaylee’s encouragement made all the difference. Afterwards I felt amazing and knew I wanted to come back.

How would you describe your lifestyle before SIN Fitness? How would you describe it now?
Before SIN Fitness, I walked for exercise whenever I had time, but I never made it a priority. I was basically in survival mode, trying to keep up with my 3 boys and their activities as well as working full time.

Now, I look forward to going to the gym and plan my week around the classes I want to attend. I look forward to the people – coaches and friends – as much as the exercise. I feel so much stronger and for the first time since my kids were born almost 12 years ago, I’m actually making time for myself. Joining SIN Fitness has also made a huge impact on my mental health, something that I have struggled with for many years.

If you could design your perfect workout, what would it be?
My perfect workout would be a combo of kickboxing with some strength training. Kick Fit will always be my favorite, but I have found that I love working with weights and bodyweight exercises in bootcamp. The finisher would include relaxing yoga stretches. I would probably not include burpees or starjacks, though!

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting at SIN Fitness?
Do not hesitate, give it a try! The coaches are amazing in their ability to identify strengths and areas for improvement, to suggest modifications and always offer support. The members are also incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the owners are extremely approachable, friendly, and involved. In addition to the physical and mental health benefits, the friends I have made have become like family. ❤️💪🏻


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