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February 2022 Members of the Month Sarah and Doug Meaney

February Members of the Month Sarah and Doug MeaneyFor February Member of the Month we decided to spotlight a SIN couple, Sarah and Doug Meaney!

Sarah and Doug Meaney have been members for over a year now. Since February is the month of love, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to acknowledge their progress, increased strength, and changes to their health and physique. They do say, “couples who workout together stay together”, but this couple also has the strength and independence to take their own classes as well! You can find them in class together when they can squeeze it in, but they have both found their groove, and manage to get their workouts in consistently with two young children at home.

Since joining SIN, Doug has lost over 50 lbs! Sarah has made changes to her body composition and confidence. She completes workouts and exercises that challenge her. She has the self-ambition to set goals, like a doing her first box jump, which she worked so hard to conquer last year!!

We love that SIN and working out consistently has become part of their relationship. Congratulations to Doug and Sarah on a well deserved recognition!


How long have you been coming to SIN Fitness?
We started Saturday January 9, 2021 right after HELL WEEK! Our friend Melissa had been talking about the gym quite some time before we decided to buy a Groupon and try the gym!

Do you remember your first workout?
Yes. We had a morning bootcamp with Alisha. We both hadn’t worked out in years but we’re excited to see what this place was all about! We remember Sarah and Rachel in our first class.

Sarah: I’m surprised I survived, but grateful for the accommodations and support given. Alisha even told Doug that she was surprised I came back! So was I! For many months I worked out 5-6 days a week. That’s mostly due to the support of the members and coaches!

How would you describe you lifestyle before SIN Fitness? How would you describe it now?
Sarah: I joined a gym just like SIN many years ago, but when I joined a regular gym I never went. I disliked working out unless it was with a trainer. I was busy working with young kids and also having two young children at home made it difficult for me to find time and energy. My lifestyle is still a work in progress, but working out consistently is the biggest adjustment and I’m proud of that!

Doug: I had also been a member of a similar bootcamp style gym and saw great results, but life and kids happened. Since joining SIN I have been the healthiest and fittest since college (that’s a LONG time ago!).

If you could design your perfect workout what would it be?
Sarah: My perfect workout would be a mixture of Triple A and Bootcamp…including box jumps so I can get over my fears, and a few burpees too! It would have to be coached by Heather and Alisha. Heather for her big smile and support and Alisha for her energy and dance moves!

Doug: My perfect workout would be YGIGs or AMRAPs so my partner and I can push each other and anything with team competitions.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting at SIN Fitness?
Sarah: DO IT!! I have no regrets joining and now I love working out and making time for myself. SIN is such a welcoming and supportive place no matter where you are in your journey! Come in and try all the different classes and we guarantee you will find the ones you love!


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