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How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

How to Stay Motivated to ExerciseSticking to an exercise routine can be difficult but with the right motivation, anyone can do it!

Change your Mindset

Easier said, than done. Being mentally motivated starts with changing your mindset. Most people quit not because their body couldn’t handle the change but because their mind couldn’t. The biggest road block to not exercising is not taking that first step to just push past your thoughts and go and get it done. Instead, most people make excuses as to how busy they are (which is true, we know people are busy!); but carving out 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to exercise is very doable if you set your mind to it. When thinking about exercising a lot of people think of it like a chore, and that will most likely make it become one. So, rather than saying “Ugh, I HAVE to go workout” think instead, “I am making time to workout because I WILL benefit from it”.

List your “Whys”

We all have them. Why are you exercising? Do you have a big vacation coming up and want to feel and look your best? Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to be stronger? One time, a woman came in and we asked “why do you want to exercise?” and she said “Because if I was ever falling off a cliff, I would want to be strong enough to pull myself back up!”... whatever your “why” is, remind yourself of it all of the time!

Reward Yourself

People tend to punish themselves rather than reward themselves whenever they take on a new challenge. Don’t do that! Did you exercise 3 days this week? Awesome! Reward yourself with a new shirt. It may sound silly but these accomplishments deserve to be recognized! Also, feel good about your exercise journey even on those day where you feel you could have pushed harder; recognize the fact that you did it and that is good enough.

Set Goals

Setting goals doesn’t just have to as black and white as “I want to lose 10 pounds” or “I want to eat healthier” nor do goals have to be only a major change that may take a while. Set small goals- things you can achieve quicker than you may think.

Here are some examples of goals you can set:

  • By the end of the week I want to complete 4 workouts.
  • This month I want to go up in weight for my deadlifts.
  • I want to complete 5 burpees.
  • I am going to do 5 push-ups every day for the next two weeks.

As you check off all of these goals once they are complete you will be happy, motivated, and want to continue creating more goals, and crushing them!

Have Fun & Switch it up

Doing the same thing all the time can become boring. Boredom leads to lack of motivation which will then turn into less time exercising. Two of our best tips to prevent this from happening: workout with a friend and try new things! Working out with a friend is one thing that will never get boring! You can have fun, and push each other to keep working hard. When it comes to trying new things there are so many different forms of exercise that no one should ever get bored! But if you continue to do the same thing all of the time it will get repetitive and you’ll lose interest. Get off the treadmill, and go for hike. Stop taking the same class at your gym and try others they have to offer. Like to dance? Go take a Zumba class! The more you enjoy it the less likely it is you’ll want to stop.

“Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.”


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