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New Year’s Resolutions: How to Stay Committed the Entire Year

New Year’s ResolutionsStay committed to your New Year’s Resolution this year with these helpful tips!

Around this time each year people start thinking about their New Year’s Resolution, these resolutions are always vowed with the best intentions but aren’t always met. According to research, on average 45% of Americans make resolutions each year but only 8% of them will stay committed to those resolutions throughout the entire year.

How can you avoid being a part of this statistic? Make your goals more achievable. By setting the bar too high you are setting yourself up for failure. Many people want to lose weight, eat healthier, cut out certain foods (or habits), etc. Below are way to achieve your goals long term.

1. Drink More Water

drink more waterFeed your body! Seems simple right? It could be, but you’d be surprised how little of water people drink (especially during the winter months). Water is essential in keeping nutrients flowing in the body, meaning water just makes you overall feel better. There are many benefits to drinking water including: prevention of headaches, glowing skin, flushing out of waste and bacteria’s, performing better, etc. The list goes on and on! When you are dehydrated your body can’t function properly so set a goal of how many glasses you’d like to reach every day (we advise 8-10 glasses per day) and get hydrated!

2. Eat More Vegetables

eat more vegetablesOne thing many people aim for when it comes to resolution’s is to lose weight. This is one of the most popular Resolution’s (see #3 for the other top resolution). But usually when people start a “diet” and try to cut out everything all at once they tend to give up on their goal. In fact, ”Resolutions that are about adding something rather than subtracting are mentally easier to achieve,“ Erica Zellner, MS, a health coach at Parsley Health, explains. So, ”Instead of saying that you want to lose weight, why not try resolving to add three more vegetable servings to each day?“ You will be more likely to stay committed and achieve lasting results!

3. MOVE For at Least 30 Minutes a Day

move 30 mins dayHere we are to our final resolution and one that many people promise they will commit too; more exercise! We hear the phrase every year “new year, new me”, “I am going to workout everyday”, “I want to lose X number of pounds”. These are great and all, but when you set the bar too high you are more likely to quit. Instead of saying you are going to go to the gym every day try starting by saying “I am going to move for 30 minutes every day” whether it be at the gym, taking a walk, going on a hike, doing a workout in your living room… just move for 30 minutes each day!

4. Ask Yourself, “Why?”

ask whyWhen deciding what you’d like your New Year’s Resolution to be, ask yourself, why? Why am I doing this? What do I want to achieve? It may sound silly but doing this will encourage you to truly think of your goals and how far you are willing to go to achieve them. Get planning!

Remember: “It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”


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