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November 2020 Member of the Month Victoria Pryputniewicz

SIN Fitness November 2020 Member of the Month Victoria PryputniewiczSIN’s November 2020 Member of the Month is Victoria Pryputniewicz.

Victoria has been a SINner for over 2 years. When she first started, she came with her friends and you could tell this wasn’t her idea of fun. That quickly changed when she got into her groove. Victoria started to improve her form, lifting heavier and crushing workouts! She even participated in a team challenge! She can be found attending early morning and afternoon classes.... anything and anytime just to get it done!! She balances her fitness, her work schedule and demanding schoolwork as she approaches the end of her Physician’s Assistant program. We love watching her get stronger and fitter and being the best version of herself! Keep kicking butt in the gym and in life!

How long have you been coming to SIN Fitness?
I've been coming to SIN for 2/12 years!

Do you remember your first workout?
I remember my first workout, Amanda Patterson convinced me to join after she recently did and dragged me to my first 9:30 class. Kaylee worked with me and showed me the way things ran at SIN. I remember wanting to give up after the warmup because I already couldn't breathe! But the energy and encouragement I felt from the moment I walked in those doors was too inspiring to give up. I was addicted to that feeling of accomplishment and strength at the end of the workout, from day one.

What was your lifestyle before SIN?/What is it like now?
My lifestyle before SIN was very unathletic. I was never the type of person who played sports or worked out much. After joining SIN, I quickly realized how amazing it feels to not only take care of my body but my mental health as well. Shortly after joining SIN, I began PA school and life got very hectic. The many class options offered allowed me to workout when it fit into my schedule so that I could keep the gym a priority. Now I workout at least 4 times a week, sometimes more!

If you could design your own workout what would it be?
If i could design the perfect workout, it would be a YGIG 5 min stations! This is the same type of workout that i did at my first class and it's always been my favorite. I love the variety of exercises and partnering with another member because it pushes me to work harder. (These stations also seem to fly by 😉).

What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining SIN Fitness?
The advice that I would give to anyone considering joining SIN Fitness is don't hesitate!!! It seems scary at first, but I promise the people and the coaches are incredible. There is never any judgement or embarrassment at SIN. You will leave each class feeling not only stronger physically, but mentally as well. The positive energy and support at SIN will change your life just like it did for me. I was nervous at first, not having ever worked out in my life but after struggling through my first class, I couldn't believe the support I received from the coaches and other members! The coaches at SIN are amazing and they are always happy to help you with any modifications or concerns you have. So, if you are thinking of joining, do it!! It will be one of the best decisions you've ever made for yourself!


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