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September 2020 Member of the Month Valerie Walton

September 2020 Member of the Month Valerie WaltonSeptember SIN Member of the Month is Valerie Walton!

When Valerie started at SIN a year ago, she agreed to be filmed in her first class, and her progress tracked afterward. That progress has been awesome! She’s been consistent with workouts, comes in ready to work and stays focused. She’s powerful, determined, and never backs down when challenged. Valerie is a team player and a supportive member, she even got her mom and sister to join! We’re so lucky to have her as part of our SIN family. Congratulations Valerie!

How long have you been coming to Strength in Numbers?
A little more than 1 year

Do you remember your first workout?
Of course! How could I forget? It’s actually posted on the SIN website! I was really procrastinating joining. I live close by and would see outdoor workouts every once it a while. I was intrigued but intimidated because I had been out of a gym for so long and really was never into group fitness classes. I knew Gabby outside of the gym and she had mentioned the opportunity to have my first workout recorded for a few months free. It was a huge step outside my comfort zone. Jamie, Eric and Kaylee were so kind and patient that day - I knew I had landed in the right place. As the workout was wrapping up, everyone finished the last few moves together and that just solidified it for me. I had never had anything like that happen at any other gym I had been to in the past.

How would you describe you lifestyle before Strength in Numbers? How would you describe it now?
I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life and have had a very complicated relationship with food. Ive been in and out of gyms - everything to solo attempts, private training, large group classes like spin but nothing really stuck. I would last 3 or 4 months before losing motivation. Right before joining, I had lost a bunch of weight by diet alone (read: significantly under eating) but found I was more unhappy with my body then ever.

Since joining SIN, my mind set has completely changed. “Skinny” no longer means “happy”. Being able to lift heavier, harder, faster is what makes me happy. I am no longer obsessed with the scale (truth: it does still irritate me sometimes) because I learned it’s a big liar. I weigh more then I did when I started but I’m 2 pant sizes smaller and am starting to see definition in muscles I didn’t even know I had!

If you could design your perfect workout what would it be?
5×5 back squats are always my favorite way to start a workout! Then, I would have to say an AMRAP with heavy snatches, cleans, and the rower in there somewhere. Finisher would be core work (specifically “Sally” leg lifts 🙂)

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting at Strength in Numbers?
Just try it for a few weeks. It’s not going to be easy at the start but the payout is worth it. This place is so much more then a gym. Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am now --- it’s all thanks to the coaches and other members who make it fun!


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