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Sugar Alcohols

SugarDonuts, cakes, ice cream, oh my! There’s a never-ending list of sugar filled treats that have people fiending for more. But why?

Well, in addition to being delicious, sugar is proven to raise the body’s opioid and dopamine levels. This triggers pleasure receptors in your brain that leads to that “sugar addiction”, causing roadblocks on your fat loss journey.

So, some ways people wean off their sugar intake is to opt for sugar-free products. And what makes sugar-free products like baked goods sweet are sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols are chemical compounds found naturally in plants or fruits that are used as sugar substitutes. And while alcohol is in the name, the compound lacks ethanol which is what makes you intoxicated. So you’re safe. They are common substitutes because they offer ⅓ to ½ less calories than sugar and have less impact on blood sugar levels. They also don’t contribute to tooth decay which is why they are also found in sugar free gum.

While there are many benefits to sugar alcohols, some of the side effects when consumed in excessive amounts include gas, bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. This is because the human body has trouble digesting some sugar alcohols, so they aren’t fully absorbed by the body when they make their way through. Bacteria from the intestines causes fermentation which leads to indigestion.

Though sugar alcohols have less calories than sugar and have less effect on blood sugar levels, they are best when consumed in moderation. Nutrition labels are your best friend when it comes to losing fat. Being mindful of all the pros and cons will hopefully help you make more informed decisions to achieve your desired fitness goals.


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Saturday, June 25, 2022