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Sunday Shoutout to Lilly Sanchez

Sunday Shoutout goes out to Lilly SanchezSunday Shoutout goes out to Lilly Sanchez!

Last year on Lilly’s birthday (October 16) she was faced with many health uncertainties. This year on Lilly’s birthday, she was thankful for her strength, health and ability to attend classes at SIN Fitness.

Lilly is a pure joy to have in class and members love to see her. She works out as hard as she can despite any physical limitations and attempts every challenge without reserve. She accepts cues and modifications well and during rest she dances while waiting for the next round. She always thanks a coach when walking out the door!

Although Lilly was not able to participate in the Team Comp, she showed up anyway to cheer on her fellow members. Lilly is a tremendous inspiration. Her doctor calls Lilly “a miracle who taught us to smile even in the worst moments.” Lilly is a true fighter!!



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Saturday, June 25, 2022