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Sunday Shoutout to Andy Romero

Sunday Shoutout to Andy RomeroSunday Shoutout goes to Andy Romero.

Andy brings terrific energy and consistently gives 100% effort with no mention of pain or exhaustion. He has great work ethic, and pushes to progress through his fitness goals. One of those goals was to reach beyond his comfort zone and take a Bootcamp class and he killed it!

Andy enjoys challenges. On February 28 he scored phenomenal numbers after a six round Kick-Fit class he burned 832 calories! He committed to do the same workout the following day, with the test to beat those numbers and he crushed it. He burned 873 calories!! The entire class cheered him on in a truly inspiring moment.

In the current At-home challenge, Andy has gone all in, blasting through daily workouts, motivating teammates and including his children in the workouts. What an awesome role model!

Andy is an undeniable badass. He is a true SINner!!


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Monday, June 27, 2022