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Sunday Shoutout goes out Curt Jensen

Sunday Shoutout goes out Curt JensenSunday Shoutout goes out Curt Jensen!

Curt can be found attending a wide variety of classes. Curt started classes at SIN after his (equally as awesome) wife, Sarah, had been killing it in classes and he wanted in, too. They can be found attending classes together and even have had their daughter, Emily, attending Kid-Fit classes!

You can find Curt in KF with big power bag hits, efficient rower form in Rock n Row, and showing off his perfect squat form during BCs and Power Hours.

Since starting at SIN, Curt has made a significant physical transformation. We love watching you work hard and look forward to seeing you continue to improve your fitness and overall health with your family by your side!



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Saturday, June 25, 2022