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Sunday Shoutout to Ashley Keller

Sunday Shoutout goes to Ashley KellerSunday Shoutout goes to Ashley Keller!

Ashley is steady with her workouts, and isn’t slowed down by wearing a mask. In fact, she’s punching and kicking as hard as ever.

When given an option she always chooses the more difficult move, and keeps great form and power. She’s even brought an ice pack to class to cool herself down so she could keep hitting hard!

This week we introduced Impact Wrap, a new technology for our Kick-Fit classes. Impact Wrap measures the power of hits along with numbers of strikes on each bag. Ashley does a fantastic job with it, and clearly has not lost steam throughout her workouts. She crushes them!!

Ashley brings great energy to each class and always gives 100%. Way to go Ashley!! 🥊💪🏻🔥❤️


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Monday, June 27, 2022