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CIFC: Ryan T. Lee Memorial Foundation

Ryan T. Lee Memorial FoundationOur March/April, 2021 Check in for Charity supported the Ryan T. Lee Memorial Foundation.

SIN Fitness had 942 Check ins and will be donating $471 to Ryan T. Lee Memorial Foundation! Also an anonymous member is matching our donation for a grand total of $942. Thank you for making a difference with your check-ins!

The Ryan T. Lee Memorial Foundation was founded in 2011 as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to remembering the life and legacy of a special young man. Inspired by the selfless support of friends and family, the foundation was created as a way to transform a tragic loss into positive change. It is our hope that the charitable efforts of this organization will impact the lives of others in a manner that would make Ryan proud.

The Foundation is committed to identifying effective ways to help individuals reach their goals and realize their dreams. It promotes acts of kindness and gives back to the community he was a part of, through events such as The Holiday Giving Tree, Food Drives, Blood Drives, Scholarships, and The Ry of Light Challenge.


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Saturday, June 25, 2022